Publication of Online Glossary 2

The organisers of the Ästhetik des Widerstands-conference in Florence asked me to contribute to their online glossary of aesthetic phenomena of resistance, and obviously I gladly consented: I’ll always write on what’s close to my heart, no long questioning needed! And short, essayistic texts are more than welcome, as I can handle them much easier than a full-blown academic article.


Thus, I not only wrote a lemma on the V-Mask (aka “Guy-Fawkes-Mask”) but also on the significance of the colour white in the famous Cuban protest movement Damas de Blanco.” The latter one also has a good deal on the Argentinian “Madres de la Plaza de Mayo” mixed into it.


I really enjoyed writing these shorts. If you also enjoy reading them and/or want to discuss any aspect of them, the glossary provides a commentary option. Or you just drop me a line right here on this blog.


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