A New Article Has Just Arrived

Now, that was quick and easy: After my participation at the conference in Florence last winter, I was delighted to be asked to turn my paper into an article, and now, only a few months later, I can hold the result in my hands: Issue 1/2016 of the “kritische berichte” (critical reports), edited by Carolin Behrmann and Henry Kaap, the conference’s organisers.

That was really a breeze, and highly delightful. I enjoyed writing the short essay and very much appreciated the careful editing done by Carolin and Henry (and although this is my first publication in German, editing was indeed necessary).

And it is obviously great to have something on paper so quickly, as this topic really dips into current discussions (and into my own seminar about “Narrating Dissent” at Constance University).

The article discusses the genealogy of the “V-mask” (of which I have already written something here) in both the comic and the film V for Vendetta and the problematic linkages activists of the Occupy movement proposed by using imagery from the motion picture.

As usual, if anyone should be interested in that topic, please get in touch.


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