Florence: The Lost Blog Post 1

As outlined before, the only thing that did not make its way into the monthly backup of my old webpage was a blog post on the conference Ästhetik des Widerstands (Aesthetics of Resistance).


So this post here is an odd occurrence: I’d like to re-create what I have written before, though being fully aware that a recreation is neither possible nor feasible. Without going into too much philosophical meandering, I can simply say that the workshop was a wonderful occasion to get to talk with some really interesting people, working within and without academia’s confines.


My own presentation on the interstices of the “V-Mask” with the Occupy Wall Street-protests (the first one I’ve ever given in German) was greeted with what I perceived as warm interest, and it seems that a print publication looms at the horizon. Two shorter online texts have already emerged from that event.


I especially appreciated getting in touch with researchers who look at protest occurrences first and foremost as artistic events; a view that I should incorporate much more prominently into my own work. And, obviously, it was fantastic to re-visit the wonderful town of Florence, this time in pre-Christmas opulence.


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