Least Publishable Unit? Definitively Not!

It might start to sound repetitive, but there’s a new publication out! As always, it is available online, though only in German.

This report, titled To Integrate and To Communicate, is the second part of an investigation I’ve detailed before, and it focuses on the more practical recommendations we’ve gleaned from talking to practitioners. To split the investigation into two publications might seem to follow bad practices of attempting to get the maximum amount of least publishable units out of your work. Which, of course, it is not. It just made sense to compile two publications: one that contains the more overarching results of our research, and another that is geared towards practitioners, who might want to integrate our findings in their future work.

The upside of this “double-edged sword”-strategy is that the To Integrate and To Communicate-report has been sent to the federal ministry of education and research, and maybe they will put it in the hands of those future network managers who have to fill the positions we’ve investigated. Let’s see how these grand schemes and dreams work out.

The speed with which the texts of the Institute for Research on Higher Education are made available is seriously amazing. Although it’s only another report (and not a reviewed article), I’m still amazed to see it out, if only for the psychedelic cover image.


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