(Limited) Publication of PhD thesis 2

What a sense of profound bliss to see my PhD-thesis published, albeit for the time being only for people with access to the University of Rostock library system. After some hectic last-minute action, I handed in the document a few weeks ago and then almost forgot about it, until it itched me today and I double-checked:

Yes, it is registered in the library catalogue! It’s officially published! “Feel’s grand, like!” as the Irish would say. Here’s the proof (Update: At least it was there, until I landed a contract with Palgrave Macmillan to publish my thesis in book form and the original thesis was removed for copyright reasons).

Though, when looking at the keywords they assigned to my book, I’m a bit stunned: I handed in different ones, all in English, and now I see them in their German translations. If that really helps someone interested in American Studies to encounter it is questionable, but anyway: Book’s published, time to down a Nicaraguan rum to celebrate.


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