First Publication of 2024

This year starts on the same note as the last one ended: With the announcement of a publication. Again, it is a fruit of the collaborative labour my colleagues and I have invested into investigating Advisory Panels in the German science system. Actually, it is quite correctly labelled another fruit in the sense of offspring, as it is basically a really short summary of our overall findings, compiled for the journal Forschung & Lehre (F&L).

F&L is not a ranked (let alone high-ranked) journal of any citation index but a bread-and-butter publication with short articles and many (author) pictures. Yet, its advantage is that it is read by many university presidents (or their staff), governance people and administrators. Thus, it can count as a publication geared towards the practical side of the science system.

Coincidentally, it is from the same publisher as my other foray into writing for a praxis-oriented journal, namely Wissenschaftsmanagement, and it thus the article was made available on Wissenschaftsmanagement’s webpage for free. It can be found here, this time without any paywall impeding access.


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