The numbers sequence above is me. Well, at least it’s a stand-in for a representation of my academic work. After many hints and nudges from colleagues as well as some deliberation, some time ago I’ve decided to put my academic credentials into the ORCID-database. This act of creating a digital calling card on the web assigned me the above-mentioned number. Everybody can now search me by this number or by name on the orcid.org-website or go straight to my record by clicking here. No more need to do a cumbersome double search here and here on my webpage.

Well, as records go, I only put in the good parts of the basic stuff, i.e. my recent employments and all the publications I can remember. And, of course, a link to my very webpage, which means that you can click the link above to get to ORCID, be mesmerized by the content, then click the link back to my webpage, be awestruck again and — by clicking on the ORCID-link again — enter an infinite loop.

Now I only have to keep that ORCID-thing updated….


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