Small Fry…

It’s always nice to visit a conference, and it’s even nicer if you are there with some good colleagues. And it’s nicest when together you decide to write a few lines about the discussions and issues of that conference together. That’s exactly what I did with two more colleagues about the meeting of the Leopoldina Centre for Science Studies we attended a few weeks ago.

It’s not a big deal, but as we were there already, why not write about it? Especially since the concepts of ‘science reflexivity’ or ‘self-reflexive sciene’ (Wissenschaftsreflexion) under discussion at the conference seems to be worth carving out and debating a bit more. Thus, we described what the presenters said, scribbled down our five cents of wisdom about it all and wrapped it all up in a German-language conference report that can be accessed here. Enjoy or join the debate!

And I just realised that this has only been my second conference report in seven years! Although I attended quite a few conferences, I am usually so soaked up by presenting my own stuff and meeting people that I seem to forget that a report might come in handy for other people. Maybe I’ll write some more in the future.


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