First Publication in Higher Ed Research

Now, that was quick! Having entered the field of higher education research in August 2018 with my job at the HoF-institute, I began working in various projects. One of these projects concerns science communication, and in the course of preparing a proposal for third-party-funding, the institute’s director and my humble self stitched together all those bits and pieces which turned out to be way too detailed for the short application format and turned them into an article.

And, lo and behold!, before you can say “third round of copy-editing,” this article has just been published by the institute’s journal. It’s my first article in German since 2016, and I’m still surprised how quick all that went. No external peer review here, but still: In American Studies, this would have  taken at least ten months more.

To stay with this new-found style of directness, without any further ado, here’s a direct link to the article; and another one to the entire volume of the journalThree cheers to open access, and that’s that for now.


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