New Publication Smiling

Oh, thou sweet, sweet time o’ waiting. After a period of gestation, a talk-cum-article on my current research has been published recently. I am very happy and excited, as it’s on the pages of a special issue of the European Journal of American Studies (a journal, as I understand, that has a certain impact in Middle European countries). Furthermore, the editors admiringly follow an open access policy which makes all articles available freely on the web.

My contribution to the EJAS’s special issue “Envisioning Justice”, titled “Just(ice) Smiling? Masks and Masking in the Occupy-Wall Street Protests,” analyses the comic V for Vendetta and its impact on the famous squatting and protests in the USA in 2011. It complicates the activists’ rather straightforward embrace of the “Guy Fawkes mask” as a symbol of revolutionary social justice, asking which –often binary– repertoires are invoked by the usage of the mask and (more generally) by their different acts of masking und partial unmasking.

My article can be found here, and the whole issue is up here.


PS: The photo above is by Stan Honda (AFP).



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