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Due to the inactivity on this blogroll it might seem as if nothing has happened in my life in 2017. Yet, just the contrary is true, and that is the reason why I was busy and forgot about updating this page.


Besides being on the job hunt and traveling a bit, I also immersed myself in the glamorous world of talk radio, becoming an active member of a local, independent Leipzig radio station. After some interviews about last year’s Nicaraguan elections and some cultural events in and around Leipzig, the month of March was filled with book reviews I did for the annual Leipzig Book Fair.


Reviewing four books, interviewing authors and editors and then transforming all this material into a two-hour radio show took a surprising amount of time. But it was also great fun, and I will keep up interviewing interesting people on topics I care about.


If anyone is interested in the interviews and reviews I have already done, you can find them on the website http://www.freie-radios.net; just search for “Radio Blau,” and you’ll find it under the authors “AndreasB.” as well “Radio Blau Leipziger Buchmesse Spezial.”


Yet, as on the job front things have advanced as well, the amount of time I can dedicate to this hobby seems prone to diminish. But that’s a topic I’ll cover in another post (“Blogging for Beginners: Always end your posts on a good cliffhanger.”)


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