Books and Rain

For the last couple of weeks, and until the end of 2023, I take the term ‘remote work’ to a new level. At least for me it is a new level. With my boss’ blessing, I moved to Porto in Northern Portugal to sit out part of the German winter in a milder climate.

From Porto I keep on working for the Institute of Higher Education Research, mostly from the stylish little library pictured above. It’s the library of the law faculty of Porto University, and although it is not quite on par with the Joanina Library in Coimbra, it has its charme. Additionally, it is situated quite close to where I live, a fact that comes in handy when the weather is rainy.

And the weather has been rainy quite a bit since I’ve arrived. It might sound like a non-subject to bring on weather conditions, but as the Atlantic influence can make precipitation in Porto really torrential, it is worth mentioning. Streets have been flooded, public transport suspended and –combined with sometimes harsh winds– trees uprooted. During hours or sometimes days of such bad weather, moving across town to work somewhere would not only be a nuisance, but sometimes almost impossible.

Therefore, I appreciate this library quite a bit in spite of the chairs there being uncomfortable after some time. Let’s see how this fact influences my concentration. And the fact that there are still quite a few good days with 20°C and sunshine mixed with the rainy ones. And, of course, you have to appreciate those ones…


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